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What does the PAC do for me and why should I contribute, you ask?

A multitude of decisions are made in the Washington State Legislature by our elected officials that affect your medical practice, your ability to serve your patients, and your bottom line.  

In the past legislative session, the Washington State Legislature made decisions which affected reimbursement level, medical liability premiums, hospital operations, quality control measures and more.


Everyone knows that having a presence at the State House during consideration and debates on legislation is only one way to get involved in the legislative process.  

Like it or not, the reality is that financial contributions play a role in the political process. Attending fundraisers gives us another opportunity to put the concerns of anesthesiologists before our elected officials.

PAPAC allows us yet another opportunity to show the Legislature who we are and what we care about. The more exposure we get, the greater an understanding the Legislature has of us. As you know, the more educated you are on an issue, the greater your ability is to make the right decision.  We need the Legislature to make the right decisions for our specialty and to do that we need to get more involved in the political arena.

If we ever need to expend political capital in a fight for our specialty, we first need to create some. Requests for contributions to Washington state and local candidates are considered by the Washington Anesthesiologist's PAPAC Board. Requests for contributions to candidates for national office are managed by the American Society of Anesthesiologists ASAPAC.

Active, Affiliate and Resident members of WSSA can contribute to PAPAC.

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